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The Podcast for Success Stories with Video and AI Strategies

Learn from one of the most experienced experts on how to effectively use video to achieve greater success. Michael has been streaming live for over 28 years. With his team and the GDPR-compliant platform VIDEO.TAXI, he has successfully served numerous clients such as the German Bundestag, Zeppelin, Panasonic, and more. His users take the shortcut and harness the full potential of their content.
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Meet Your Podcast Host

Michael Westphal

Michael Westphal, founder of VIDEO.TAXI, is a visionary pioneer in digital media communication. His entrepreneurial spirit emerged early when he launched the world's first flight-sharing service. His journey through the media world is marked by constant innovation and overcoming significant challenges, such as the dot-com bubble burst and competition from platforms like YouTube. With VIDEO.TAXI, he has created a platform that redefines communication by using AI technologies to overcome language barriers and make content accessible worldwide. This solution elevates live streaming to a new level, making VIDEO.TAXI a key player in the digital communication landscape.

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In our free guide , you'll learn how to:
  • Make your content accessible to everyone, regardless of language or hearing barriers.
  • Boost your online presence with improved SEO .
  • Optimize content creation and utilization.
  • Save time and resources with innovative, automated transcription solutions.
  • Reach a global audience with multilingual subtitles and translations.

The Podcast for Successful Video Marketing and Professional Live Streaming

Why Use Livestreams and Videos for Your Business?

Influence Purchase Decisions

Most purchase decisions are influenced by video content.

Ensure Accessibility

Videos with subtitles make information accessible to everyone.

Save Time

Use your video production as a basis for various content formats, reducing production effort.

Showcase Expertise

Videos help businesses effectively position themselves as industry experts and build trust.

Enhance Image

Accessible communication positions businesses as inclusive and socially responsible.

Engage with Storytelling

Engaging livestreams and videos tell stories that captivate customers and prompt action. We guide you in using visual storytelling to effectively convey your message.

The Platform for More Successful Audios, Videos, and Livestreams

VIDEO.TAXI enables you to:
  • Clearly and comprehensively deliver your message to a broad audience—GDPR-compliant.
  • Overcome barriers with innovative technology like live subtitling and translation .
  • Efficiently distribute your content in various languages to reach a global audience .
  • Optimize your videos and maximize your reach with just one click.

Pro Tips for Your Success

Check out our blog to discover what you need to know about video communication in 2024.

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