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  • Live translation

    Overcome language barriers in real time:

    • Worldwide connection: Reach an international audience by translating your content in real time.
    • Increase in participant interaction: Encourage active engagement and participation in different languages.
    • Multicultural events: Make your events more inclusive and accessible for a globally diverse audience.
    • Efficient communication: Ensure fluent and comprehensible transmission for international meetings and conferences.

    Experience the revolution in global communication:
    With VIDEO.TAXI's live translation function, you can convey your message across cultural and linguistic boundaries. Imagine your words reaching every participant in their native language - clearly, precisely and without delay. This innovative technology opens up new horizons for your events, livestreams and online meetings.

    Integration and accessibility on a new level:

    • Adaptation to various target groups: Allow your audience to participate in their preferred language.
    • Improved quality of experience: Increase the satisfaction and loyalty of your international participants.
    • Cost efficiency: Save time and resources by dispensing with multilingual moderators or translators.
    • Brand extension: Strengthen your global presence and brand identity through appealing, cross-language communication.

    Unleash the full potential of your global reach. Click below to schedule a free online meeting and learn more about VIDEO.TAXI's live translation features. Your message knows no borders - let it reach the world! 🌐🚀

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  • Transcription

    Perfect your content through precise transcription:

    • Comprehensive text documentation for protocol creation: Capture every word from your videos, livestreams and online meetings in writing and create minutes in an instant.
    • Improved accessibility and SEO: Make your content searchable and increase its visibility in search engines.
    • Effective use of content: Use transcripts for blogs, press releases and social media to spread your message.
    • Simple content check: Allow your audience to read and internalize important points.


    Open up new möpossibilities with the power of words: Imagine if you could convert every spoken word in your videos and live sessions into text - quickly, accurately and efficiently. VIDEO.TAXI's transcription technology makes it possible. From creating accurate transcripts to generating new content from your existing videos, transcription opens the door to untapped potential.

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    Turn audio into textual added value:

    • Barrier-free communication: Make your content accessible to a wider audience, including people with hearing impairments.
    • Depth of content: Offer your audience a deeper level of understanding and interaction.
    • Fast customization and translation: Prepare your content for global markets by easily translating it into different languages.
    • Documentation and archiving: Create valuable archives of your meetings and events for future reference and analysis.


    Discover the power of transcription with VIDEO.TAXI and take your communication to the next level. Click below to schedule a free online meeting and learn more about our transcription services. Let's transform and enhance your content together! 🌐📝

  • Voice Over

    Turn your videos into masterpieces with professional voice over:

    • Versatile language selection: Choose from the most important western languages to make your videos appealing worldwide.
    • Emotional depth: Create a stronger emotional resonance with your audience through high-quality, impressive recordings in the original voice through voice cloning
    • Brand identityt ststrengthen: Maintain the tone and branding of your videos with consistent and engaging voice-overs.
    • Target group customization: Choose the perfect voice to address your target group directly and effectively.

    Bring your stories to life: Imagine how your videos literally come to life with the right voice. VIDEO.TAXI offers you this possibility. Our voice over feature isn't just a tool - it's a way to add character and personality to your videos. From educational material to corporate videos, a professional voice over can make all the difference.

    Create a world full of sound:

    • Globally understandable: Make your content accessible to an international audience with multilingual voice-overs.
    • Quality improvement: Offer your audience a high-quality audio experience that complements your visual content.
    • Simple integration: Easily add professional voice-overs to your videos, supported by our advanced technology.
    • Narrative reinforcement: Use voice-overs to convey your message more clearly and forcefully.


    Dive into the world of professional voice over with VIDEO.TAXI. Click below to schedule a free online meeting and discover how our voice over services can transform your videos. Let your content speak and impress your audience! 🌐🎙️

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  • Meeting Bot

    Turn your online meetings into an experience with VIDEO.TAXI Bot:

    • Real-time translation and subtitling: Break language barriers in Teams, WebEx and GoToMeetings with instant translation and subtitling.
    • Seamless recording and live streaming: Record meetings and share them live with a wider audience.
    • Automated transcription: Create precise transcripts of your meetings for easy follow-up and documentation.
    • Creation of summaries and to-do lists: Turn your meetings into structured action plans with clear goals and tasks.

    Turn every meeting into an opportunity: Imagine a bot that not only translates and subtitles your meeting, but also records it, streams it live and converts important points into text. VIDEO.TAXI Bot makes this possible. Whether you're leading an international team, conducting a training session or having an important business meeting, our bot will support you in real time.

    Extend your range and safety:

    • Livestreaming with registration and payment system: Stream your meetings to a larger audience and integrate registration or payment models for exclusive access.
    • Data protection and security: Ensure the security and confidentiality of your online meetings.
    • Ease of use: Integrate our bot seamlessly into your favorite meeting platforms.
    • Interactive participation: Encourage the active participation of your audience through accessible communication.


    Discover the many possibilities that VIDEO.TAXI Bot offers for your online meetings. Click below to arrange a free consultation and find out how you can take your meetings to the next level. Let the VIDEO.TAXI Bot transform your meetings and inspire your audience! 🌐🤖🎥


  • Media Library

    Central platform for your content: Imagine a media library that serves as a central location for all your videos, recorded livestreams and other media content. With VIDEO.TAXI, you can not only bundle this content, but also present and manage it in a targeted manner. A media library invites you to browse through your content and extends the time you spend there.

    Easy handling and high flexibilityt:

    • Easy to operate: You can put new videos and livestreams online without any programming knowledge or help from the webmaster.
    • Fast processingöPublication: You can publish complete seminars, online events, videos and livestreams in no time at all.
    • Individual customization: Customize your media library by adding titles, thumbnails and your own logo.
    • Structured organization: Create and fill categories to present your content clearly.

    Monetization and data collection:

    • Online store module: Sell your content directly via VIDEO.TAXI, which automatically handles the transaction for you.
    • Transparent statistics: Receive real-time reporting on sales and interactions.
    • User registration: Use the registration form to collect valuable data from your viewers for marketing purposes.
    • Protected content: Use the VIDEO.TAXI token system to ensure that only authorized persons have access.

    Extended utilization optionsöpossibilities:

    • Numerous areas of application: Ideal for company meetings, coaching sessions, lessons, seminars and more.
    • Offer against registration or payment: Use the registration function to create viewer lists and offer content against payment.


    The VIDEO.TAXI media library allows you to efficiently manage, present and monetize your content. It is the ideal solution for companies and organizations that want to organize their media content in a professional and user-friendly way.

    Click below to arrange a free consultation and find out how to present your content professionally with the media library.

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  • The player

    Maximize the user experience with advanced features: The VIDEO.TAXI Video Player goes beyond standard functionalities and offers specialized customizations to present your videos perfectly. In addition to the existing features, it comes with additional options that make your content even more accessible and appealing. It is the key component for a perfect experience for your users.

    Expand your möopportunities for a diverse audience:

    • BITV 2.0 conformityät: Ensure accessibility and compliance with legal accessibility requirements.
    • Multi-channel audio options: Offer your audience an immersive audio experience with different audio tracks.
    • Subtitle: Allow the display of subtitles.
    • Adjustment to 9:16 resolutionösolution: Optimize your videos for mobile devices with vertical 9:16 resolution.
    • Individual branding: Personalize the player with your own logo and design.
    • Payment barrier: Monetize your livestreams and videos.
    • Registration: Activate your livestreams and videos only after registration.
    • Interactive elements: Integrate interactive functions for improved user interaction.
    • Customizable playback options: Set the playback according to your audience's preferences.
    • Flexible user interface: Design the user interface to ensure a user-friendly experience.
    • Permalinkplayer: Stream live to the same player or code exchange.
    • Integration into various platforms: Easily integrate the player into different environments and platforms.