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Livestreaming with VIDEO.TAXI: Your Partner for Professional and Secure Online Broadcasting - GDPR Compliant & ISO27001 Certified
Experience high-quality, secure, and user-friendly solutions for your live broadcasts with VIDEO.TAXI livestreaming. As a GDPR-compliant platform and certified with ISO27001, VIDEO.TAXI ensures the security and confidentiality of both your data and your viewers' information, including anti-tracking features. 

VIDEO.TAXI'S Speech Technology

with VIDEO.TAXI Speech Technology

VIDEO.TAXI ensures that your livestreams are not only technically flawless but also accessible and interactive for all viewers. The blend of stringent security standards and user-friendly features makes VIDEO.TAXI your ideal partner for professional livestreaming needs.

  • Adaptive Streaming

    This feature automatically adjusts video quality to the internet speed of your viewers, ensuring an optimal, uninterrupted viewing experience.

  • BITV 2.0 Compatibility

    Our player is fully accessible, making it perfect for public institutions and services that are required to meet strict accessibility standards.

  • Privacy-First Approach - No Tracking

    We respect user privacy by avoiding the collection of personal data without explicit consent.

  • Customizable Player Design

    Customize the player with your corporate colors and logo to maintain a consistent brand experience across all visual touchpoints.

  • Integrated Pay-Per-View Shop Module

    Includes a sales option directly within the player, allowing viewers to purchase access to exclusive events or premium content.

Unlocking Untapped Potential - Let’s Elevate It Together!

Enhanced Usability for All Viewers

Technical compatibility and security: VIDEO.TAXI supports popular encoders that utilize the RTMP protocol, such as ATEM, OBS, and vMix. This compatibility ensures seamless integration with existing production setups, allowing you to manage your livestreams with the software and hardware you are already familiar with.

Live Translation

Expand your reach by offering your livestream in multiple languages. This not only opens your content to a global audience but also enhances comprehension across linguistic barriers.

Live Subtitling

Enhance accessibility further with the option to display subtitles in the presentation's language. This feature is especially beneficial for viewers with hearing impairments, increasing the accessibility of your content.

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to take your events to the next level and ensure they can be experienced by anyone, anywhere in the world, in the highest quality? Explore the possibilities with VIDEO.TAXI's livestreaming and start your project with a platform that provides unparalleled security and user-friendliness. Learn more about VIDEO.TAXI's livestreaming and start broadcasting today.

Benefit from our commitment to GDPR compliance and our ISO27001 certification, upheld since 2019.

With VIDEO.TAXI, you're fully equipped to host your live events safely, professionally, and inclusively.

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