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Live Subtitling

Create accessibility and promote inclusion - in real-time.
With VIDEO.TAXI's live subtitling service, you can make your events and livestreams accessible to all viewers by converting spoken content into subtitles. This service is perfect for three key scenarios: on-site events, subtitles for livestreams, and online meetings on platforms like Teams, Webex, and GoToMeeting.

VIDEO.TAXI'S Speech Technology

Applications for Live Subtitling

Live events and online meetings: Ensure understanding for all participants and foster an inclusive atmosphere. Additionally, receive a transcript that can be used for meeting minutes or further processing.

  • On-Site Events

    Use live subtitling to make your events, conferences, or workshops accessible to participants with hearing impairments. Our precise subtitling ensures seamless communication by converting spoken content into text in real time. This supports people with hearing or cognitive impairments, allowing everyone to understand the spoken language at their own pace, enriching the event experience for all.

  • Livestreams with Subtitles

    Enhance your business meetings and webinars by offering subtitles, enabling participants with hearing impairments to follow and interact with the content. This feature is ideal for companies and organizations looking to promote effective communication across all levels.

  • Online Meetings with Teams, Webex, and GoToMeeting

    Our speech-to-text technology converts spoken words in your online meetings into text. The results can be used for minute-taking or further processing by AI. What was discussed? Who has which tasks? This not only fosters understanding but also promotes interaction and dialogue in every meeting.

  • Train Our AI with Your Vocabulary

    Our speech recognition is among the best in the market. You can enhance its accuracy even further by creating a custom dictionary with proper names, technical terms, or specific product names. Train our AI, and once the word is recognized, our speech recognition will deliver perfect results. You'll be impressed.

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Benefits of Live Subtitling

VIDEO.TAXI's live subtitling is the key to successful,
inclusive, and barrier-free communication. Use the power of written words
to make your message understandable for everyone.

Enhanced Accessibility

Reach your audience regardless of their hearing ability and offer them the chance to fully participate.

Improved Participant Experience

Create an inclusive atmosphere where every participant feels
valued and included.

Boosting Engagement

By overcoming barriers, you boost interaction
and engagement with your audience.

Seamless API Integration

Our services integrate effortlessly with your existing on-site or online platforms and technologies, ensuring a smooth user experience.

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