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Video Hosting

Your solution for professional and secure video management
Discover VIDEO.TAXI video hosting - a sophisticated, secure and user-friendly platform for hosting your video content. VIDEO.TAXI not only ensures the confidentiality and security of your data in accordance with GDPR and ISO27001, but also offers a variety of features that make your videos accessible and interactive for a wide audience.

VIDEO.TAXI'S Speech Technology

with VIDEO.TAXI Speech Technology

These advanced player features and the ability to collaborate effectively and make data-driven decisions ensure that your video content is not only technically flawless, but also accessible and interactive for all viewers. The combination of robust security standards and user-friendly features makes VIDEO.TAXI an ideal partner for professional video hosting.

  • Multichannel Audio

    Our video player supports multichannel audio, providing a dynamic and immersive listening experience. Users can switch between different audio options, which is especially beneficial for multilingual content.

  • Subtitles for Accessibility

    Just like with livestreaming, VIDEO.TAXI allows you to add subtitles to your hosted videos, enhancing accessibility for viewers with hearing impairments.

  • Interactive Elements

    Embed clickable objects directly within the video frame to create an interactive user experience. This feature is ideal for educational content, tutorials, or interactive advertising.

  • Attachable Files

    You can attach relevant files like PDFs to your videos, providing additional information or resources to your viewers.

  • Flexible Access Options

    Make your videos available for download, pay-per-view, or via email registration. These flexible options allow for various monetization and access control methods.

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Managing Access Rights and Collaborative Work

Technical features and security standards: VIDEO.TAXI's Video Hosting supports integration with common systems and adheres to high-security protocols. The platform is ISO27001 certified and ensures GDPR compliance, meeting the highest data protection standards.

Team Access

As an admin, you can invite colleagues to the platform and assign different permissions, enabling collaborative work on content. This promotes teamwork and optimizes content production.

Monitoring and User Behavior

VIDEO.TAXI provides comprehensive monitoring tools that deliver quantitative metrics and privacy-compliant tracking of user behavior within the player. These insights help you better plan investments in new content and maximize the effectiveness of your videos.

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We guarantee GDPR compliance, prevent third-party tracking, and have maintained ISO27001 certification for five consecutive years.

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With VIDEO.TAXI, you are fully equipped to host your video content securely, professionally, and interactively.

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