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Feature - Voice Over

Voice Over

Bring your content to life with synthetic speech – authentic, emotional, and in any language
Let VIDEO.TAXI give your videos a new voice – fully automated, capturing the essence of the original.


Areas of Application

In today’s digitally connected world, it’s crucial for your video and audio content to reach a wide, international audience. VIDEO.TAXI offers advanced AI-powered voice-over services that translate your content into any desired language while preserving the nuances and emotions of the original voice.

Voice Cloning: One standout feature of our service is Voice Cloning. This innovative technology analyzes and replicates an original voice, capturing its emotional expressiveness. The result is a synthetic voice that closely matches the original in tone, diction, and emotional depth. This ensures that the personality and distinctive sound of the speaker are maintained in translation, making it particularly valuable for advertising, brand messages, and educational materials.

Target Audiences: Our AI-driven voice-over service is perfect for businesses of all sizes, educational institutions, marketing agencies, and media companies looking to expand their global reach. It’s also ideal for content creators aiming to establish a consistent and engaging presence in different language markets.

  • Marketing and Advertising

    Add a personal touch to your global campaigns with authentic, emotional voice-overs.

  • E-Learning and Education

    Provide educational content that is both linguistically and emotionally tailored to learners, enhancing the learning experience.

  • Corporate Communication

    Strengthen your connection with international employees and stakeholders through consistent and emotional communication in their native language.

  • Entertainment

    Ensure the emotional impact of your content by preserving the originality and character of the voices.

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Your Benefits with VIDEO.TAXI

VIDEO.TAXI’s Media Library makes managing and presenting your digital content not only easier but also more effective. Use the platform to reach and captivate your audience with high-quality content.


Maintain the uniqueness of your original voices, even in multilingual formats.


Easily adapt content for different languages and cultures without losing its emotional impact.


Benefit from fast production and delivery through AI-driven processes.

Data Protection

As a GDPR-compliant company, we guarantee the highest security standards for your data.

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