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International events know no linguistic boundaries

Imagine organizing an international event where every participant, regardless of language or hearing ability, feels fully included. Sounds promising, doesn't it?

But now think of the following scenarios:
A speaker who passionately conveys a message in a language that is incomprehensible to the majority of the audience. Or a speaker who does not present in their native language, but clearly has problems expressing themselves, so that emotions fall by the wayside.
In both cases, misunderstandings inevitably arise, leaving the audience with a certain amount of dissatisfaction.

This should now be a thing of the past. We have taken on these challenges of cultural differences, language barriers and technical hurdles as a VIDEO.TAXI placed.

We had the opportunity to present our live translation and subtitling at the "SUMM AI" event. This allowed us to showcase the innovative aspects of our technology.  

The power of inclusion  
The use of live translation and subtitling significantly improves the interaction between the presenters and the audience. This means that what is spoken is translated in real time, allowing the audience to participate seamlessly, regardless of language. 

It enables inclusive access for the hearing impaired
People with hearing impairments are given the opportunity to participate in events and larger gatherings by converting spoken words into text in real time and reading along in real time.

How does it all work?

Event organizers receive an exclusive link. With just one click, real-time subtitles or translation appear on the screens of the event.

By scanning a QR code directly with their smartphone, participants can access the VIDEO.TAXI Website on which the original live subtitling can be followed directly. It is also possible to have the subtitling translated directly into another language of your choice. 

Further advantages of live translation

Wide range of applications
Live translation and subtitling enables companies to communicate smoothly in different languages worldwide. This is also used in international conferences and educational institutions, opening up new opportunities for the cross-border exchange of knowledge and ideas across national borders. 

Strengthening the cultural connection
It not only promotes the exchange of information, but also strengthens the connection between different cultures. It helps to promote a deeper understanding between people from different backgrounds and with different barriers. 

Insight into the future
Live translation promises a future of seamless global communication. As technology continues to improve, we can be optimistic about a world where language barriers are overcome and people from different parts of the world can connect with each other.

Live translation is the driving force behind accessibility and inclusive communication. By overcoming language barriers, it creates connections between people from different parts of the world. At a time when diversity is celebrated, live translation is becoming an indispensable tool for a globalized society that relies on communication without borders. 


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