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The underestimated power of transcription

While multimedia content sets the tone, the transcription of videos and audio files is playing an increasingly important role. Today we want to show you how transcribing this content can help your company succeed. With VIDEO.TAXIwe put transcription front and center to help companies and organizations realize the full potential of their video communications and maximize reach. We bring the power of words to paper, opening up numerous opportunities for your success.

How does it work?

With just one click on the "Transcription" button, an automated process is started that converts the spoken content into a written transcript. Just as simple as our subtitling and translation. But first let's look at the advantages.

Transcription plays a decisive role in many respects. It not only improves the findability of content, but also offers numerous other benefits. By transcribing videos and integrating text into the metadata, search engine optimization is improved, resulting in better indexing and higher retrieval rates. It also makes it possible to address multilingual target groups, as subtitles can be easily translated into different languages and serve accessibility.

Transcription facilitates content analysis, including sentiment analysis, which is particularly useful for complex content. In some cases, companies need to create transcripts for legal reasons to meet compliance requirements. Similarly, transcription significantly improves the documentation and archiving of spoken content as it makes content more searchable and findable.
It also serves as protection against data loss, as it provides an additional backup copy of audio and video data in text form. Transcribed data from audio-video content provides information for adapting algorithms for automated machine learning.

Transcriptions also offer a better user experience, as they make it easier to identify interesting passages and chapters and enable faster navigation. Providing transcription texts also makes it easier for viewers to find content.

Finally, transcription enables the efficient creation of minutes, especially in committee work where there is a lot of talking. It saves considerable time and resources as the transcription process can be automated. This speeds up the entire process and leads to considerable time and cost savings.

Discover the 12 advantages of converting your video and audio files to text in our video.

Transcribing video and audio files into text is a crucial tool for increasing the visibility of your content, improving user experiences and providing time-saving access to information. At the same time, it can also serve as an effective content management tool.
With VIDEO.TAXI we are ready to help you on this journey to greater success. Start today and discover the power of tanscription.


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