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The key to committed and valued employees

In today's globalized world, education and training are more important than ever. Diversity and accessibility are also crucial. The focus is not only on attracting talent, but also on retaining and promoting it. A simple but effective way for intercultural companies to show appreciation for their employees is to offer training videos in different languages so that everyone can watch them in their native tongue. Here are some compelling reasons why this can be a viable option.

The power of the mother tongue

Our mother tongue is a key that gives us access to deep understanding and emotional connection to a topic. When we want to grasp complex concepts or information, it is often easier to do so in our native language. This is one of the main reasons why training videos in your own language are so effective. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Understanding: In our mother tongue, we can better grasp nuances and subtleties. This means that we not only understand the content, but also internalize it at a deeper level.
  • Faster learningWhen we learn in our native language, we need less time to absorb and process information. This is particularly important if you have to learn a lot in a short space of time.
  • TrustWatching training videos in our own language gives us the confidence we need to put what we have learned into practice. We feel more confident when we communicate and work in our native language.

Promoting inclusion and diversity

By offering training videos in different languages, international companies show that they value diversity in their teams and promote an inclusive culture. Employees from different linguistic backgrounds feel heard and respected, which contributes to a positive working environment.

Improved communication and understanding

Employees who receive training content in their native language or a familiar language can understand information better and implement it more effectively. This leads to better results and increased self-confidence at work.

Increase employee loyalty and satisfaction

If employees feel valued and supported, they are more willing to commit to the company and stay with it in the long term. This saves costs for recruiting and training new employees.

Conclusion: Investment in employee appreciation

Providing training videos in multiple languages is a win-win situation. International companies show their employees that they value them and at the same time promote an inclusive culture. This leads to better communication, higher satisfaction and increased employee retention. As a company, it is important to invest in valuing employees as they are the backbone of the business.

So what are companies still waiting for?
Take a look at VIDEO.TAXI to see how your training videos can be easily translated into 29 languages. This is not only good for the team, but also for the success of the company. Employees will appreciate this and the positive impact will ripple through your business.

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