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Why video subtitles are essential for accessibility 

What is video subtitling? Video subtitling involves adding text to a video to make it accessible to viewers who are deaf or hard of hearing. Captions reproduce the dialog and sound effects in the video in written form, making it easier for viewers to understand what is happening on screen. Subtitles also improve the findability of your video and make it easier to find online  Advantages of video subtitles Video subtitles have several benefits for businesses looking to reach a wider audience. They allow them to appeal to viewers who cannot hear what is being said in the video and allow them to access content without having to rely on sound. It also improves search engine rankings as the subtitles help search engines better understand the content of the video. Furthermore, videos with subtitles have been proven to improve engagement and comprehension among viewers who consume content with the sound off.  How companies can achieve accessibility with video subtitlesFortunately, today there are tools that make subtitling videos easy and efficient. Companies can either hire a professional transcription service or use automated software such as YouTube's subtitling function or Video.Taxi. Unlike YouTube, the use of Video.Taxi is data protection compliant and no rights to the content are assigned. These tools can generate subtitles from audio files quickly and with relatively high accuracy and are therefore ideal for companies that want to quickly integrate video subtitles into their workflow. In addition, many services offer manual editing options so that users can correct any errors made by the automated software before publishing their videos online  Conclusion Video captions are an essential part of an accessible online experience in today's digital world. By implementing captions into their workflow, businesses can ensure that their message reaches everyone, regardless of hearing ability - while reaping all the associated benefits such as better discoverability and higher viewer engagement and understanding! Webmasters should consider using automated tools such as Video.Taxi's captioning feature when creating captions for their videos to save time and resources while ensuring accuracy and accessibility standards are met.

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