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The range turbo for live streaming

In today's digital era, where livestreams and videos play a dominant role, expanding reach and building deeper connections with a diverse audience is crucial. But how to overcome this challenge?
The answer lies in modern technology for automated, real-time subtitling and translation of streaming and live content.
video content. In this article, you will learn how multilingualism can take your livestreaming success to the next level.

The power of subtitles for a diverse audience

A recent survey found that almost 70 % of viewers are willing to watch videos in another language as long as subtitles are available in their own language. This fact alone illustrates the enormous opportunities that arise from incorporating multilingualism into your livestreams. The barrier of language is overcome and your content becomes accessible to a globally distributed audience.

Multilingualism as a turbo for your livestreaming

Think about it: Currently, only about 1.63 % of the world's population speak German. This means that if you only livestream in German, you are excluding more than 98 % of potential viewers. This is where the power of multilingualism comes into play. By automatically translating and subtitling your content in real time, you can reach this huge audience that might otherwise never have been able to enjoy your streams!

The impact on your livestreaming

By integrating multilingualism, you not only have the opportunity to generate more views and clicks, but you also increase your traffic and boost conversion rates. Your content becomes accessible to people from different countries and cultures, which enables deeper engagement and interaction.

Discover all 9 reasons!

This blog post has highlighted some important reasons why multilingualism is so crucial in livestreaming. But that's not all! To find out what other benefits integrating multiple languages into your livestreams offers, be sure to watch the video. There you will learn first-hand all 9 reasons why multilingualism can be a game changer for your livestreaming success.

Conclusion: Your key to international reach

The world is diverse and the opportunities that arise from incorporating multilingualism into your livestreams are almost limitless. Modern technology makes it possible to overcome language barriers and reach a broad, international audience. By taking advantage of automated real-time translation and subtitling, you can open up new horizons for the success of your livestreaming initiatives. Use the reach turbo of multilingualism to explode your numbers by addressing your audience in their native language.

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