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Data protection in times of online events: An expert discussion

Webinars and live streaming are more important than ever in times of remote working and virtual conferences. However, in addition to the technical challenges, there are also legal and ethical aspects to consider. In this article, we give you tips for data protection and quality in webinars and live streaming.

The guest was Michael Westphalfounder and managing director of TV1 at the podcast of Florian Gypser from corporate studio. The two experts discussed the topic of data protection in webinars and live streaming. Companies must ensure that personal data such as names, email addresses and IP addresses are protected. This also includes compliance with the GDPR. Tips for data protection-compliant solutions include using encrypted connections, storing data on servers in the EU and obtaining consent from participants.

The quality of webinars and live streaming is also crucial for success. A good conference is characterized by clear structures, interactive elements and good technical equipment. Best practices include the use of professional cameras and microphones, the integration of surveys and chats as well as the possibility of recording and post-processing.

The future and trends in webinars and live streaming are AI-based assistance and automation as well as metaverse. AI-based assistance enables processes to be automated and participants to be supported by artificial intelligence. Metaverse is a virtual world that could also be used for webinars and live streaming in the future.

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