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Case study - Protocol preparation

Case study state parliament of a large German federal state

How a state parliament of a large German federal state revolutionized the production of minutes through automated transcription of VIDEO.TAXI revolutionized the creation of minutes. In the age of digitalization, the the state parliament of a large German federal state is facing the challenge of making its more efficient and modern work processes.



The state parliament plays a central role in the political landscape of the federal state. The
Plenary sessions are an essential part of the democratic process in which
laws are debated and passed. The quality and precision of the minutes of these
meetings are of the utmost importance in order to ensure transparency and traceability for the
to the public.


The state parliament of a large German federal state was faced with a significant
Challenge: The preparation of verbatim records of plenary sessions has so far been a challenge.
manual and time-consuming process. Employees of the protocol service had to
live, which was very resource-intensive.


In the search for a more efficient method of creating logs, the choice fell on the
innovative solution from VIDEO.TAXI. With their AI-supported transcription technology, they offered
VIDEO.TAXI is a customized solution that is perfectly tailored to the needs of the Landtag.
was coordinated. The plenary sessions are streamed live via the platform and
automatically segmented into 25-minute audio files. These files are then processed by a
automated interface and sent directly to the transcription software via an API.
transmitted by VIDEO.TAXI.

Der Prozess

The transcription process is fully automatic. After uploading, the AI
supported transcription with the integration of a special dictionary that contains specific
expressions and specialist terminology of the federal state. This ensures a high
Accuracy of the transcripts, which is essential for official documentation. The finished
Transcripts are then made available for download and can be used for the
further processing and preparation of the verbatim report.


The introduction of automated transcription has led to a significant increase in the number of
efficiency in the preparation of minutes. The employees of the protocol service
can now focus on analytical tasks instead of manually managing sessions.
logging. This has not only reduced the workload, but also the
satisfaction and productivity of employees.


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