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Case study - Live translation

Case Study Motofestival

How BERNEXPO Bridges Languages and Cultures at Motofestival with VIDEO.TAXI.


BERNEXPO GROUPE, the organizer of the Motofestival, is a leading exhibition and event organizer in Switzerland, known for organizing top-tier events in Bern. The Motofestival is THE gathering spot for motorcycle dealers and importers across Switzerland, representing one of many special trade fairs hosted by BERNEXPO. BERNEXPO is known for its extensive expertise in event management and utilizes its vast resources to ensure a smooth and innovative execution of the Motofestival each year. This event attracts numerous domestic and international visitors, including dealers, importers, and motorcycle enthusiasts. 


Switzerland's multilingual population, including a significant number of French-speaking attendees, posed unique challenges for inclusive communication and accessibility at the Motofestival.  
Previously, the absence of live translations limited the experience for non-German-speaking participants. The extraordinary costs and logistical hurdles associated with traditional translation services have thwarted effective solutions.


VIDEO.TAXI was selected to provide live subtitling and translation. The platform's easy setup and user-friendly operation allowed for the efficient translation of panel discussions and presentations into French. This approach enabled the festival to be presented in a multilingual and inclusive manner, significantly enhancing the experience for all attendees. 


Feedback from the initial use of VIDEO.TAXI was very positive. French-speaking visitors were particularly delighted with the new service that allowed them to follow the event in their language—a first at the Motofestival. The adoption of VIDEO.TAXI not only improved accessibility and the overall attendee experience but also boosted overall satisfaction, potentially paving the way for its future use at other multilingual exhibitions.

Future prospects

In light of VIDEO.TAXI's success at the Motofestival, the organizers are considering using this service for future events and recommending the platform further. This could set a new standard for multilingual and accessible events in the wider exhibition and event industry. 

"The setup is incredibly straightforward, easy to use, and was seamlessly implemented. Everything worked flawlessly. We are extremely happy with the results."


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