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Case study - Live translation

Case Study Berlinale

Advancing accessibility at Berlinale with VIDEO.TAXI through innovative live subtitling and translation technology.


The Berlinale, held annually in February in Berlin, Germany, is one of the world's foremost international film festivals. Established in 1951, it showcases a wide range of films from around the globe, including feature films, documentaries, shorts, and animations.
Known for its curation of artistically ambitious and politically charged films, the Berlinale hosts multiple competitions, with the Golden Bear as the most prestigious award for the best feature film.
The festival also serves as a hub for industry events, panels, workshops, and discussions that delve into various facets of cinema and film production. It attracts thousands of visitors each year, including filmmakers, actors, producers, critics, and film enthusiasts from across the globe.


Real-time live translation demands ultra-precise technology, as there is no opportunity for post-event adjustments. Perfect accuracy is essential for effective translation into various languages.
While live content still necessitates skilled subtitlers, subtitling for pre-recorded content can be optimized with Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) technology.


Partnering with VIDEO.TAXI, Berlinale leveraged the most accurate live translation technology on the market to enhance accessibility in the spoken language of its presentations.
Additionally, live translations were offered, enabling attendees to follow the events in German, English, or French.

These translations played a crucial role in broadening the festival's appeal.


For the first time, Berlinale's live events were accessible to all, representing a significant milestone for the festival and its audience dependent on subtitles.
International guests benefited from live translations that were exceptionally well-received, fostering better communication and understanding among all participants.
Luisa Ferber, Event Manager at Berlinale, commented: "We aimed to make Berlinale more accessible to everyone, ensuring everyone could be part of the festival. It's user-friendly, even for those not well-versed in technology.

"The subtitling is good, the English is perfect, everything is very fast, we're happy with it."

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