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Case study - Live sign language

Case Study German Bundestag

How the German Bundestag is promoting barrier-free communication and reaching its citizens with live subtitling and live sign language translation.


The German Bundestag, based in Berlin, is Germany's central legislative body
and is directly elected by the citizens in accordance with the Basic Law. The 20th Bundestag consists of
734 members who represent the pluralistic will of the people. The regular
The weeks when the Bundestag is in session are supplemented by special sessions in which
Sign language interpretation is offered to ensure the political participation of all citizens.


The implementation of barrier-free communication, in particular real-time translation in
sign language, poses a considerable challenge. The need for highly precise
Translation is critical here, as errors cannot be corrected retrospectively. This
Accuracy is crucial for the quality of democratic participation of people with disabilities.
Hearing impairments. Any translation error can impair comprehensibility and thus participation.
directly affect democratic processes.


VIDEO.TAXI offers a revolutionary solution through its platform, which not only enables live
sign language translation, but also enables the seamless integration of interpreters into
the system allows. Interpreters have the flexibility to work in the VIDEO.TAXI studios as well as in the
to work remotely from their home studios, which enables efficient and adaptable
production method. The platform also enables smooth shift changes
between the interpreters, which ensures continuous translation and accessibility.


The introduction of live sign language translation in the German Bundestag has
accessibility to political discussions and decisions considerably
improved. Around 220 hours per year are now translated live using sign language, which
enables hearing-impaired people to actively participate in political discourse.
This is a decisive step towards strengthening inclusion within the German

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