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Case Study - Live Translation

Cannes Film Festival

Revolutionary Live Translation Technology from VIDEO.TAXI Enhances Audience Experience at Cannes Film Festival 2024


The Cannes Film Festival 2024 faced the challenge of making live translations more efficient and cost-effective. Karine Barclais, organizer of the Pavillon Afriques, sought a solution to minimize delays and improve the audience experience. The Pavillon Afriques connects stakeholders of the African film industry with global industry representatives, making Cannes the ideal platform.


Previously, interpreters were used, which was costly and led to delayed translations. This caused delayed audience reactions, frustrating both viewers and speakers. Most visitors spoke either English or French, but seldom both. The delayed translations often led to misunderstandings and a less coherent event experience. Additionally, the language barrier hindered seamless interaction between international participants and African filmmakers.


VIDEO.TAXI employed its live translation technology to provide precise and timely translations in multiple languages. This allowed for immediate and smooth communication during events, ensuring all attendees could understand everything in real-time.


The technology led to improved audience engagement and a smoother event flow. Immediate availability of translations eliminated delays and significantly reduced costs compared to traditional interpreters. Positive feedback came from both organizers and participants.

"We had the best translation service ever. We are very happy."
Karine Barclais, Advisory Board, Pavillion Afriques