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Case study - Livestreaming

Case study altii

How altii effectively reaches institutional investors and strengthens its digital presence with VIDEO.TAXI. Transforming customer communication through advanced, GDPR-compliant livestreaming technology.


altii, known as a portal for alternative investor information, specializes in the effective dissemination of information to institutional investors using advanced digital solutions.

The challenge:
In a highly competitive asset management market, sales costs are high and budgets are tight. altii looked for innovative ways to attract and retain the attention of potential customers.


With VIDEO.TAXI, altii has implemented an advanced livestreaming solution that is characterized by ease of use and GDPR compliance. This was crucial to meet the data protection requirements of European institutional investors while ensuring broad accessibility.


By implementing GDPR-compliant live streaming, altii was able to strengthen the trust of its target group and expand its digital presence. The reliable and secure transmission technology not only increased reach, but also improved customer loyalty by enabling constant and uninterrupted communication.

Future prospects

In view of its success, altii plans to expand its cooperation with VIDEO.TAXI and integrate further innovative features in order to further optimize its digital customer approach and expand its offering to international investors.

"Livestreams are super easy to set up and the reliability of the platform is excellent - we haven't had a single outage. But what impresses me the most is the innovative capacity behind the service. New functions are constantly being introduced, which we use specifically for our company growth."

Christian Salow
altii GmbH

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