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Case study - Livestreaming

Darmstadt case study

How Darmstadt uses VIDEO.TAXI to improve the accessibility of its municipal city council meetings and increasing citizen participation. A paradigm shift in municipal communication through the use of advanced streaming streaming technology.


Darmstadt, known as the "City of Science", is located in southern Hesse and is a center for science, technology and culture. The city is home to the Technical University of Darmstadt and numerous research institutions, making it an important location for innovation. Darmstadt is also known for its vibrant art scene and historic sites such as the Mathildenhöhe. The city administration uses advanced technologies to promote citizen participation and make political processes more accessible.


The need to make local political processes more transparent and accessible to the general public, especially for people who are unable to attend meetings in person due to time, physical or other restrictions. The challenge was to find a technically reliable and data protection-compliant solution that would enable citizens to follow political discussions and decisions either in real time or on demand, without the need for a large technical or personnel effort for live broadcasting.
The focus was on creating accessibility to ensure that hearing-impaired citizens can also participate fully through subtitling.


The choice fell on VIDEO.TAXI, a platform developed by TV1 GmbH and specially designed for the live streaming of events. This platform allows fully remote-controlled production of the live streams. There is no need for VIDEO.TAXI staff to be present on site, which significantly reduces both costs and organizational effort. The city can use the existing camera and audio equipment in its meeting rooms and transmit the signals directly to VIDEO.TAXI's servers, where they are processed for public transmission. The
platform not only handles the live streaming, but also the post-processing and storage of the recordings, while at the same time ensuring data protection. Special attention was paid to the implementation of subtitling to ensure accessibility for the hearing impaired.


The introduction of live streaming led to a significant increase in participation.
at city council meetings, which leads to a better understanding of municipal decision-making processes. City council meetings are now accessible to all citizens at any time and from anywhere. The digital publicity of the room as well as the subsequent availability of the streams enables citizens to engage with the content at any time and thus promotes continuous citizen participation. This technological improvement has fundamentally changed the way local politics is experienced and promotes more transparent and inclusive local government.

"The ability to follow meetings online has ushered in a new era of political participation. Our citizens feel better informed and more involved." 

A spokesperson for the city of Darmstadt

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