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Powerful live-streaming through a simple and comprehensive user interface. Choose from a wide range of streaming tools & simply put your video online.

Welcome to Video.Taxi
Live-Streaming powerful & easy.

Whether you’re streaming to social media or producing an event streamed around the world, our solution is designed to make your live-stream simply successful.

Start with a click.

Easy Web-Dashboard

Configure your live event, your webinar or company press conference. With some simple clicks you can setup and start your stream event. No professional knowledge is needed to get professional results.

Newest technology & compatible.

Powerful & simple

Don't care about the right video codec, the best CDN connection or HTML player. Video.Taxi cares about with tools from the latest technology - compatible to 99% of all devices on the market.

Flexible & Customizable.

Truly Multi-Purpose

Change everything as you need - with one single click. Customize your HTML5 player, sell your content, support time-shift, reach mobile devices, offer video on demand. It's up to you.

Reach Your Audience Everywhere

Distribute high-quality video to your website, Apps, Over-the-Top platform, and social channels with Video.Taxi's platform. We ensure your live and archived video reaches your audience in the highest quality, no matter where they watch.

Pure HTML5

A clean and customizable HTML5 player for every device and browser.

Extensive Documentation

We have covered each & everything in our Docs including Videos & Screenshots.

Social Media Integration

Social Media integration and support for Twitter, Facebook, YouTube.


Plug-Ins to activate

Activate great plug-ins to enrich the featureset of your custom player.

Endless Possibilities

Complete control on each & every element that provides endless customization.

Time shift built in

Pause the live-stream and use the functionality of timeshift.

Complete cost control

Pay just what you really need. No hidden costs, no subscription fees.

Ingest: RTMP or HLS

Your live video footage material is sent to our system trough standarized HLS or RTMP protocol.

Powerful Performance

Our CDN is based on Amazon Cloudfront and guarantees the best performance worldwide.

HTML5 Video

You get a fully customized personal HTML5 player. Just copy & paste the JS code to embed on your site.

Output: anything you need

Don't be worried about standards. Just select your desired quality. Video.Taxi takes care to support all devices and browsers and transcodes the content on the fly.

Monetize your stream

Monetize your live videos with a pay per view service and reach your audience anywhere.

Simple to use

Video.Taxi is different. No difficult setup, no unclear price policy. Some clicks and you are ready!

Years of experience

Video.Taxi is a product. The team are experts for live streaming and online video since 1997.

Privacy and GDPR

All services are running within the EU and are fully compliant with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Easy setup. Low prices. Try it out! Live-Session Configurator

Enterprise Content Delivery Network

Video.Taxi offers an extended CDN around the world. It allows you to support a seamless live viewing experience while minimizing the stress on your corporate network, reducing bandwidth consumption and cost, and maintaining privacy and security regulations.

Based on the power of AWS Cloudfront, your content is sent on the fastest networks available. With low latency, high transfer speeds and directly connected edges all over the world. You have no CDN experience? No problem! Video.Taxi takes care for you!

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What Clients Say?

Customer Testimonails

Mit Video.Taxi konnten wir im Handumdrehen unsere kommenden Live-Events vorbereiten und den technischen Aufwand drastisch reduzieren.

Michael Westphal