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How to start

Everything you need to start with Video.Taxi

Welcome to Video.Taxi

You now have a Video.Taxi account. That’s great news. Congratulations! In this section we will guide you through your first steps and help you become a Video.Taxi maestro.

Let the magic begin!

is Video.Taxi?

Video.Taxi is a live and on demand video management platform, made by TV1. TV1 is in the streaming media business since 1999. We believe in the power of video. The more we looked around the market for tools, the more convinced we were to create something better. There can be a more compelling live experience as well more fun watching videos on demand. The added values were missing.
Thats why we created Video.Taxi, a platform that will help you to communicate with video better than before.

Start with a
video on demand.

To get started with Video.Taxi upload a video. If you do not have one available, we will provide a sample video for you. After uploading, Video.Taxi will convert the video in different formats as quick as a flash. Multiple formats are necessary to deliver your video to any device and under any bandwidth circumstances in the best quality possible.

your personal VODs

Manage a few videos is not difficult, but managing hundreds or thousands could be a challenge. Video.Taxi lets you group your content with different tags. This could be important if you plan to schedule a group of videos to be played back in a channel* or media center*

streaming on different devices, HLS

Customize the player

Your Video.Taxi player is a state of the art multi-device player. You can customize its look by changing the color, replacing the Video.Taxi logo with your logo or activate autoplay.

streaming on different devices, HLS


You have great content to share, but not everyone may see it. Activate the password protection and your content is save. No password means no playback of the live stream or video. This feature is mostly used by fire brigades, rescue teams and enterprises, who need to have full control over their content.

Live streaming
the holy grail

Live streaming is the Champions League of online communication. Why? A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. And a live streaming process has lots of links on the way from the video source to the end user. And because there might be ten thousands of users watching on all kind of devices in real time, it's getting more challenging. But relax and sit back.
Let Video.Taxi do it for you! We crack the hard nut and help you reach the Olymp of real time communication. A world, where you can save millions on travel costs, be eco-friendly and to give a nice experience to your audience.

you need

You will need to encode the video source either via software (like OBS. Wirecast, Tricaster/for mobile users: Larix Broadcaster) on your hardware or a dedicated hardware encoder (like for i.e.Teradek, Matrox, Blackmagic Design Presenter, see full list below), into a RTMP stream and send it to the Video.Taxi platform. Now, our job begins.

What Video.Taxi does

The swiss knife for online video

Livestreaming made easy

Getting on air has been never easier that today. Video.Taxi guides you through the setup process in four little steps. Watch our tuturial video to see how easy it is.


We can hardly wait. So let's roll. We take your RTMP stream and transcode it into up to several different resolutions and bandwidths to be suitable for every individual user request in realtime. The streams are forwarded to our platform and transferred to Amazon AWS, the biggest cloud service provider globally. Their service distributes every stream to any individual user worldwide. AWS`s CDN platform is so powerful that there are practically no limits. If it doesn’t work, we’ll hand you one.

Low latency

Another great feature, reserved for our special users. Its good for real time e-commerce, live- and e-sports. Latency is the time difference between the video signal captured live and been watched by the user. It can vary between 1 and 70 sec. For time critical live streams a 1sec latency is necessary, but most webcasts run on an average between 10 and 70 sec.

Time Shift

A built-in feature we are very proud of. Maybe you remember it from personal video recorders (PVRs). While a live program is on, you can jump back into the past and watch the beginning you may have missed. Your audience will love it!


If you have chosen this options in the settings, Video.Taxi is getting really diligent and records all the streams on a huge recording system. And now comes the best: Right after the end of your live stream, the recording is ready instantly. No processing time. No endless squinting on an hourglass. So smart, we have to praise ourselves for a short time.

your content

You know this for sure. You have started your live stream, but the event has not started yet. Your online users hear murmuring, some talk shred. Then the speaker starts „Welcome, Ladies and Gentlemen“. This is the time, where your live stream really begins. In your recoding of your event Video.Taxi lets you set the start and end time of the recording, so that your users can watch the pure content and do not have to search for the beginning.

Publish to
social media

And again you can save money. On costly bandwidth at the venue. Do you need to broadcast via YouTube & Co? You would need to stream and upload your own stream for each platform. That would mean: Four encoding processes, four times the bandwidth requirements. What a waste of resources. And you can already imagine it: Video.Taxi does it for you. Done.

Live subtitles
by speech to text

All European state bodies are obliged to offer barrier-free videos. But you should also think about to enhance the understandability of your content. Not every user will speak the language used in the video as their native language. With subtitles understanding will clearly be improved. Video.Taxi lets you choose from 52 different languages. From Afrikaans to Zulu. And in between: Englisch, Spanish, French, Russian, German and more. Did we mentioned we use KI-based technology for this?

Software and Hardware Encoders, which work with Video.Taxi


Live Video Encoder Software Price Further information
Adobe MediaFlashLiveEncoder Freeware Website of the product
FFmpeg Freeware Website of the product
Nimble Streamer Transcoder Freeware Website of the product
Open Broadcaster Software Freeware Website of the product
XSplit Freeware Website of the product
Wirecast From 17,00 € Monthly Fee Website of the product
Wowza Streaming Engine From 44,00 € Monthly Fee Website of the product
Videoblaster From 9,00 € Annual Fee Website of the product
V Mix From 54,00 € Monthly Fee Website of the product
Switcher Studio From 26,00 € Monthly Fee Website of the product
GoCoder Freeware Website of the product
Wirecast Go Freeware Website of the product
LiveWedge Freeware Website of the product
Larix Broadcaster App Freeware iOS Version and Android Version


Live Video Encoder Hardware Price Further information
Monarch From 915,00 € Manufacturer's Price Website of the product
Epiphan Pearl Mini 4.569,60 € Manufacturer's Price Website of the product
TriCaster From 7.134,05 € Website of the product
Blackmagic Web Presenter 475,68 € Manufacturer‘s Price Website of the product
Monarch HD From 915,00 € Website of the product
Teracue From 1.485,00 € Website of the product

A little note

Sometimes our developers are faster in launching new features that we are in updating this text. It must be magic! So come back, whenever you want and roam around to discover new features helping you to grow your business.