Have a look at our FAQs!

Some of the common questions:

Q. Why do I have to pay when other platforms are for free?

At Video.Taxi we think you should keep your rights of your content. And its ad-free.

Q. How much does it cost?

Please use the Live-Stream Configurator and select the features you like. It will show you the fees in realtime.

Q. Which software encoder is compatible with Video.Taxi?

Adobe Media Live Encoder, Wirecast, Open Broadcaster Software, FFmpeg, Wowza Transcoder, Vmix or any other which supports the RTMP or HLS protocol

Q. What is the maximum capacity of live streams you can deliver simultanously?

Video.Taxi can stream live up to 10.000 concurrent live streams with 5 Mbit/s each. If you need more capacity please contact us.

Q. Do I need to subscribe?

No, you only pay online for what you use. If you like to get billed monthly, please contact us.

Q. What hardware or software do I need to stream live to Video.Taxi?

Video.Taxi accepts a live stream using the RTMP or HLS protocol. This process is called encoding. You can use a software encoder or a hardware encoder. You can stream with a smartphone app like “Larix” or “GoPro”. Both are free of charge.