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Case Study - Minute-Making

Case Study: City of Chemnitz

How the city of Chemnitz boosts administrative efficiency and optimizes communication processes. Revolutionizing minutes preparation with advanced transcription and subtitling technology
Source: City of Chemnitz
Photo source: City of Chemnitz


The City of Chemnitz, located in Saxony, is a vibrant municipality embracing modern technology to streamline its administrative processes and enhance communication with its citizens.
Known for its rich industrial heritage and focus on technological innovation, Chemnitz strives to be a leader in digital administration. The city administration is committed to transparency, efficiency, and accessibility, aiming to improve municipal services and foster citizen engagement in local governance.


Chemnitz needed a reliable solution to efficiently combine audio transcription and video subtitling through a carefully planned tender process. The primary focus was to enhance the documentation of council meetings, ensuring improved transparency and accessibility of the municipal administration. The city required a quick, precise, and easily accessible minute-taking process to meet legal standards and guarantee comprehensive accessibility for all citizens. Specific requirements included high-quality transcription with speaker recognition and the subtitling and translation of video content into English. The objective was to convert audio recordings of council meetings into highly accurate, editable texts.


VIDEO.TAXI provided a robust AI-powered transcription solution that generates raw text versions ready for further editing. Since implementation, Chemnitz has maximized efficiency. Audio recordings of council meetings are uploaded, transcribed, and reliably converted into usable texts by VIDEO.TAXI. These transcriptions serve as the ideal foundation for preparing minutes. Additionally, the system’s precise speaker recognition ensures they always know exactly who said what.
Protocol creation. But that's not all! With the precise speaker recognition offered by our system, you always know exactly who said what


By using VIDEO.TAXI, Chemnitz has achieved significant time savings and increased efficiency in minute preparation. Accurate speaker recognition and the availability of texts in both German and English have greatly enhanced the accessibility and clarity of council meetings. This has led to increased citizen engagement and satisfaction, as minutes are now promptly available in high quality. This success illustrates how modern technology can be leveraged to enhance the efficiency of public services while simultaneously improving accessibility.